Peridot Glass Earrings Giveaway

Could I get away with doing this in my office?

I am going to give it a try and see what happens. These are my speculations as to possible outcomes:

  1. Coworkers walk by and ignore me. Nothing I do shocks them anymore.
  2. A crowd gathers around my office and they begin to take bets on how long it takes before I fall on my derriere. This is a possibility since my chair has wheels, and the one she is using is stationary.
  3. My boss runs in and restrains me assuming that I am having a breakdown.
  4. Create your own--Bonus entry for creative answers!
I'm pretty poor right now, my niece snatched my last $5 when I drove her to youth group last night. But I can make stuff, so you could win a pair of handmade Peridot Glass earrings:


Selling it like Bob Barker, these little beauties are made from 10mm faceted round opaque peridot glass beads suspended on kidney bronze wire. Simple and pretty, and oh--I made them. Wear some Clarkie love.

So here are the rules because I feel like dishing them out like a schoolmarm. You can do one or more of the following:
  • One entry for leaving a comment with how you think my office mates will react.
  • Bonus entry for coming up with something creative that makes me laugh.
  • One entry for tweeting about it. Something like: Check out @Clarkie_Runs fanTABulous #giveaway for some rockin' handmade earrings
  • One entry for following my blog or linking my giveaway from your blog. Leave a note in the comment section. I'm not above buying your love.
I'm good with spreadsheets, so I can keep track of the list. Entries will be closed on 2/4/2011 at noon CST and picked via

My goal is for six entries (Fingers crossed!) Anything more than that is totally a bonus. Sorry guys, next time I will think of something more masculine. Unless you like wearing dangle earrings, and I'm totally cool with that too.