Half Marathon Power Mix additions


I once mentioned to an acquaintance, "Don't judge me by my iPod music," and that still hangs true. Normally I am an indie girl who dabbles in a few more popular artists. But lets face it, most indie artists are not known for their upbeat running music.

Therefore, I have given myself the free pass to listen to teenie-bopper, techno, and a whole host of music that would normally make me totally uncool. By acknowledging that they are only there for the beat, this automatically makes them acceptable. If anyone questions this, I give the standard answer, "It is imperative to keeping my cadence consistent."

That sounds plausible. And then I follow up with the clincher, "If you would like to come out on an eight mile run with me, I will show you how effective it is. I was planning on throwing some hills in for fun."

This comment usually receives the common response, "No, no! I believe you!"

So now the final countdown music is blaring on my internal radio. T-minus one week until the Fox Cities Half Marathon. Final preparation is underway and I am taking it upon myself to make sure everything is set up so I have the perfect race.

Of course that includes trying out some new tunes on my iPod.

Normally I would have done this a couple of weeks ago. Just like a new pair of sneakers, new songs take a bit to wear in. Knowing the lyrics is imperative to a good race. Because I will sing them out loud. Loudly. Just in case other runners forgot their mp3 players, I have their backs.

Life ::: Beckah Shae

To Travels and Trunks ::: Hey Marseilles

Rio ::: Hey Marseilles

Silver Lining ::: Rilo Kiley

Bulletproof ::: by La Roux

Wake Up ::: by Arcade Fire

According to You ::: Orianthi

What's it Gonna Be ::: Orianthi

Shake it ::: Metro Station

Lose Yourself ::: Eminem

When You Were Young ::: The Killers

Whine Up ::: Kat Deluna

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