The Saddle Walk

It's two days after the half marathon, and I think there must be something in my water. Something really good.

I did not experience any chaffing, so my action plan there worked perfectly.

No blisters, a miracle within itself.

While I can feel my muscle are a little stiff today, they are not to the point where I am having problems moving around. Just the normal exertion after a hard workout.

And no saddle walk.

You know, the awkward walk after a race where it looks like you have been on a horse forever. You look stiff, and it is obvious by the grimaces on your face that you would rather be lying on your back and on some very good pain meds.

I have experienced none of that. Therefore I am a little anxious. Either one of three things happened:
  1. I trained so well and had the perfect diet so that my body was able to handle all the additional stress of race day.
  2. I am a superhero with newfound runner abilities. Soon you will find me dead lifting 500 lbs with the power lifters.
  3. It's going to catch up to me, just give it a few days.
Although I am thinking #1, I am kind of pulling for #2. Then I will really have a reason to run with a cap, and spandex. Don't forget the spandex.

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