Swimming Laps

Today I spent my day doing a little cross training. My game of attack was to start out with a nice and easy bike ride, followed by some time in the pool, and finishing up with another leg of biking. Really, I just did not want to take my car to the 'Y' and therefore the two-wheeled addition to the workout.

So I have this crazy idea that next spring I would like to try my first sprint triathlon. 1/4 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. The bike and run are right up my alley, but I have not been in the pool in quite some time. Thus my brilliant plan for the day began. It might not be open water, but the 'Y' has a pool, and a lifeguard if I start to look like I'm about to keel over.


Started out after watching the first game of Venus vs. Peers at the U.S. Open. I was slightly inspired by Venus's red, sparkley dress and decided to bring out my own bit of red in my riding shirt.

Took off and headed across town. Of course my attention span being as short as it is, I became distracted at the sight of dozens of seagulls hanging out by the dam. Stop the bike, whip out the camera. Work it seagulls, work it.


1:18 PM

Arrived at the 'Y'. Tried checking in with my debit card instead of my membership card. The check-in folks were polite and did not say anything about my gaff. Apparently this not the first time this has happened.

1:27 PM

Head out of the locker room and head down to the pool. I immediately go to the cabinet and pull out the fins. Figure that it might be good to help get my legs back since its been a while from the last time I did laps. The pool is mostly cleared out. Only a teen using the diving well at the far end, and two other swimmers already doing laps.

After a ten minute warm-up, I pull off the fins and start rotating laps between freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. The breaststroke has always been the swim that I am most relaxed in, but I know my speed will come from the freestyle.

Ten minutes of the rotation I take a quick break, and start in on pure laps of freestyle. It is amazing, but when I stopped thinking about the strokes and just let my mind wonder, the laps just started to vanish. Everything started to feel like a cocoon of quiet and peace.

It was in that moment that I chastised myself from staying away from the pool for so long.

2:34 PM

Wander down to my bike after cleaning up and changing back into my road gear. Start out on a small bike trail route and head over to my mom's. I have run out of toilet paper, and she acquired some of the really soft kind, an accident on her part. She prefers the thin variety and I am happy to take the problem paper off of her hands.


I just planned on stopping by for my random toilet paper acquisition and to say "hi" to mom during my afternoon route, and she mentioned how she "just had to get a picture of me". Being the girl who wants to maintain favorite child status, I quickly agreed and this little beauty came to fruition.

This photo says a few different things:
  • My thighs will always be massive, and I embrace that.
  • I am kind of a bike poser. The gloves, bike shirt, shorts--um, yeah, I'm not really that hard core.
  • My mom loves to take random photos.

3:09 PM

Finally on the road after chatting with Mom. A workout in itself, but a welcomed one. TP in the backpack and heading home.

3:18 PM

Back at home, and make myself a quick snack. Steamed broccoli with garlic salt. Happy tummy. *drool*


A good day overall. My muscles are feeling good and ready for a nice easy run tomorrow.

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