a brief convro with humidity

Alynn: So Humidity, what’s up?

Humidity: I am, haven’t you checked the weather index this morning? Gee, and here I thought you would be prepped and ready for this interview.

Alynn: Okay, fine wise guy. We’ll skip the pleasantries and get right down to business. Why in carnation were you so high this morning?

Humidity: Well…it did rain last night, and there is a patch of thunderstorms rolling in around 1:00pm this afternoon.

Alynn: So I retain water like a cactus. I drink about 48-64 oz of water a day, yet I felt dehydrated after a little three mile run. Not to mention my lungs felt like they were going to explode.

Humidity: Holy sh---, okay, so you do drink a good chunk of water. But don’t forget, you should also be looking to consume foods that also have high water content.

Alynn: Examples?

Humidity: Lettuce, watermelon, grapes are good examples. Most fresh fruit and veggies are going to have higher water content then their processed counterparts. You want to be digesting the water for about 24 hours before a run to get that in your system.

Alynn: So all I need to do get over you is to make sure I am plenty hydrated. Sounds simple.

Humidity: Not so fast my young padwan. You also have to think about your heart rate.

Alynn: Do tell.

Humidity: Well, the higher the humidity or the higher the temperature will potentially increase your heart rate.

Alynn: So is that why I might have felt a bit sluggish this morning. Three miles and I was practically dead to the world.

Humidity: Amongst other things. I saw you eat that cupcake last night.

Alynn: Yeah, whatever you little snitch. Go on.

Humidity: So when I am really high – *squints eyes menacingly* don’t even go there Alynn – your body is trying to make sure that it maintains your body's normal temp. But when the outside air starts to climb, the body reacts by taking all that good ol’ oxygen and diverting it to the blood circulation to help get rid of the heat that is collecting on the skin. So it gives you less energy to work with during the run.

Alynn: Thus the sluggishness.

Humidity: Exactly. So when I am hanging around, feel free to take it down a notch and let your body adjust to the change. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it when I am in the hood. Drink lots, and slow down.

Alynn: I am pretty slow to begin with. *gives the stink eye* Don’t even go there Humidity, don’t even go there.

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