extreme house distraction


My attention span is shorter than a fly. And I do not even have the added perk of flying around and being a pest to everyone.

The plan was to head out for a nice two mile warm up, head into the gym and lift some weights, and then head back out for another six miles.

I ran a whopping two miles.

In my defense, I was slightly distracted because something big has come to my hometown. You might say something extreme. And I am warming up my vocal cords.


That is right, Ty is in the house, or should I say, building a house.

Extreme Home makeover is building a home about two blocks from where I grew up. I used to babysit a couple of cute kiddos in a house kiddy-corner from this monstrosity they are constructing.

Now, I am not into the whole idea of trying to get on T.V. or anything like that. I had one motivation for skipping out on an hour of my workout this evening, and one motivation only.


Freaking awesome freebies at that. They were giving things out left and right. Noodles and Co came in with bowls of mac and cheese. Hats and totes were being tossed into the crowd. It was madness, pandemonia, and pure awesomeness.

Did I also mention that Derek Hough is one of the celebrity guests for the week? Totally not ashamed of the little bit of drool that just escaped from my mouth.

Now, I was going to stop for just a moment to see how they were doing. Do a little sideline supervising. But then I got to talking with the other spectators and they fed into my gossip mill.

It all started out innocent enough. Discussion of when Ty would be flying in from the reveal in Idaho. Square footage of the house. How the police department and a local music store donated a piano to the family.

Then the gossip became steamy. All of a sudden I was thrown into tales of how the next evening benefit concert featuring three Christian bands might have special guest appearances by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. That made total sense, of course Christian music and the totally pure Gaga go together perfectly. That has to be truth, right? I mean, you could argue that the whole alejandro video had an amazing religious overtone.

Yeah, I am probably going to be struck down by lightening.

Before I knew it, all my barricade neighbors and I were being ushered out by the security who closed up the viewing session at 8:00pm. It was then that I looked down and realized that I was still in my running gear, highlighted by my Pepto-Bismo pink running shirt and had yet to log in a single mile.

It was starting to get dark and I decided it would probably be safest to head to the gym and run on the treadmill, even though that thing drives me crazy. And of course my watch does not calibrate well to it, so I swear I was going faster then the little display panel was showing me.

A whopping two miles later and a couple of quick reps on some weights, I was being ushered out by the staff so they could close up shop by nine.

There are two morals to the evening. The first; I get easily distracted thanks to my puny attention span. This is why I prefer to run straight away in the morning. Get it done with and nothing can jump up and drag my attention in another direction. Planning runs for the evening is not just not ideal for me.

The second; I will do anything to get Derek Hough's attention. Even if it means wearing my Pepto-Bismo pink running shirt in public.


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