5 am

I did not do my long run late last week.

I was suppose to do a long 12 mile run, and I bailed. I wish I could give some grandiose excuse for my insubordination to my running plan, but it simply does not exist.

The weather was perfect. I was wearing my running gear. New songs were downloaded to my iPod. Scarfed my power bar down and had some toast with nutella.

But I just could not get motivated to get out the door.

Since this blog is my accountability, I thought it fitting that my punishment reprimand should be acknowledged here. So in a act of public humiliation humility, I will post what I look like at 5am in the morning waking up for a make-up run.


Notice my failed attempt at smiling. I tried, really did. What was missed was the after shot, when I set the camera down and one of my cats pounced right onto my stomach. Nothing like a paw punch to get you going.

Hmm, maybe I should go one step forward. Just so I do not ever again think twice about skipping out on an important workout. How about I show what I look like after a long run.


My, that does look attractive. Okay, enough of the scary, half awake faces. Lets brings some pretty back to this blog.


Much better.

Note: the cat is looking a bug, not looking at me thinking that I am strange. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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