Swimming, Kale Chips, Greek Yogurt, & Yoga, OH MY!

Kale Chips

Kale Chips

I have read about these little buggers in a few different blog posts. The first time, I think was on Eat, Live, Run in her archives. Since then, I have seen the little buggers all over the place. Not to be a lemming, but I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. Most of the recipes seem to be about the same. The first time around was so good, that I have made another batch to enjoy and perfected my methods a bit.

5 leaves of Kale
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of seasoned salt (sea salt worked too)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. While it is warmin' up, wash the Kale leaves and use a salad spinner to dry them out. Or the old fashion way, swing them around in the sink to get the extra water off.

Cut out the inner steam with kitchen sheers (I find it fastest to fold the leaf in half and make a quick cut). Then cut the remainder of the leaf off into small bit sized pieces.

Now here is where artistic paths diverge. I like to get a little messy, and I do not like wasting a plastic bag. So instead of putting the Kale pieces in a baggie and mixing in the olive oil that way, I toss them into a bowl, drizzle the olive oil over top, and start using my hands to mix it all up. Or you could use salad tongs, but it is much more fun my way.

Taking a piece of parchment, lay it over a non-insulated baking sheet, and begin spreading the Kale pieces out. Take the seasoned salt and sprinkle over the top.

Pop the baking sheet into the oven for about 10 minutes, or when the Kale starts to get brown edges. This is the tricky part because the leaves can burn rather easily. Slightly brown edges-- just perfect. Totally charred Kale--an atrocity.

Put them out and let them cool off. Best when served fresh. Although I brought them into work the next day and my officemates sang their praises, so as long as they are packaged up, they will hold.

Swimming & Breakfast Goodness

This morning I was able to pull myself out of bed and drive over to the gym. It was pouring outside and although I will run through light raining, when it downpours I draw the line.

Instead I threw on my swimsuit and started in on laps at the pool. When I walked into the pool area the serious swimmers were still doing their morning workout. Taking motivation from their impressive style, I grabbed some flippers and hopped in.

Warmed up for five minutes with an easy breast stroke. Then went into some 50 meter freestyle sprints without the fins, and then a lap of easy backstroke for rest. I liked to equate them to my swim version of a fartlek workout. Maintained this for thirty minutes, and finished with a five minute easy breast stroke cool down.

I'm feeling stronger in the water and hope to build on that this winter so I can be ready to start training for some open water swimming in the spring.

Patting myself on the back for a workout well done, I headed home and made one of my favorite breakfasts.

Greek Yogurt with Granola

Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt was the star of the bowl. Sprinkled on French vanilla granola (YUMMY!), and finished it off by drizzling on about a teaspoon of organic honey. Definitely hit the spot.

Topped it all off with a slice of whole grain bread, and what other than -- NUTELLA!

Yoga with Whiskers

At work I realized my upper back was stiff. Probably had something to do with overexerting them when I was doing my strength training last night. Evening plans revolve around making a little dinner and stretching it out with some yoga in the living room. Good activity to do on a chilly evening.

My kitties think so too, because they are already running all over the mat.

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  1. Finding the perfect kale chip cooking time is an art in itself ;) I've never had success with eating them the next day, so I scarf 'em all down in one sitting ;)