Full Marathon Confirmed

Registration Confirmed.

Dear Blog Diary,

I am either incredibly awesome or incredibly stupid awe-inspiring because I just hit the submit button on my full length marathon.

I have roughly 18 weeks to get my lazy bum that has been "relaxing" after the last half marathon back into shape and able to hit the pavement for 26.4 miles.

Just not today. I have a cold today. But tomorrow, tomorrow I start in earnest.

Probably not a good idea to start training for an ambitious race when I'm sick, because my fever is the only thing that is going to be running today.

Under the influence of several cold meds I will now proclaim my rather ambitious goals for this race:
  1. Finish -- I really want to run the final leg around Lambeau Field!
  2. Aim for a goal of under 4:30 -- Just over ten min miles
  3. Stay injury free
  4. Make the most kicka$$ signs for my mom to hold along the race route
  5. Stick to my training plan
Now, I have to finish my training plan that starts tomorrow. Hmmm...


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