Triple Threat Challenge #1

My new blogger buddy Tonyne over at Unlikely Success Story has thrown down the gauntlet for a challenge of the blogging ages: Triple Threat Challenge. Complete a circuit of 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill, and 20 minutes on the bike. Back to back to back. Log the distance and calories and complete four times over the next five weeks.

The grand prize: pride.

I dedicated my highly coveted Friday night at the gym for my first try. I walked toward the row of elliptical machines and one sparkled at me. That was the one. Climbing on I set up my headphones and cruised to some CNN headlines.
  • Elliptical end results: Distance, 1.83 miles. 210 Calories
I hopped off of the machine and headed over to the treadmill rows, grabbing a towel and wiping my brow own the way for dramatic effect. One was open between two serious runners and figured this was a sign that their energy would motivate me through my 20 minutes. I started off at a nice, easy pace and settled in to watch the Daily Show. The volume was a little low and I moved to crank it a bit and accidentally hit the emergency break. The two serious runners gave me the stink-eye.
  • Treadmill end results: Distance, 2.03 miles. 247 Calories
My final stop was the stationary bike. This time I grabbed my towel and wiped my brow, and not for dramatic effect. Hoping on it felt odd, not having rode on one in over a year, much preferring road biking to stationary bikes. Settled into a nice easy ride, without any incidents and peacefully watch the end of the Colbert Report.
  • Bike end results: Distance, 4.15 miles. 112 Calories
Finished up the night with some weights and headed home. Woke up this morning and feeling great. With the exception of my breakfast, this "Weight Control" Quaker Oatmeal tastes like over-salted cardboard.

I definitely left some room for improvement, not intentionally, but after my long week I wanted to take it easy. Did feel good to put in an hours worth of cardio though and mix things up a bit.

But what if I combined two of them the circuits to speed everything up? Nah, no one would be stupid enough to try that!

I stand corrected.

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  1. That video cracked me up! So glad you didn't try that. :)

    Great job on the first workout of the challenge! I will probably keep this workout in the rotation long after the challenge is done. There is just something gratifying about it! :)