The Winter Warpath


My first mistake was thinking that if my sidewalks were cleared off, everyone would be diligent enough to clean off theirs as well.


This face about says it all. I would like to publicly thank all the folks that remove their snow in a timely fashion. For those that are not as diligent, well I was always told that if you don't have anything good to say--

Anyways, I am going to take the suggestion of my blogger buddy Sharla and consider this to be my own personal Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy/Hell Run. But I would also like to add in a new kind of race -- The Winter Warpath.

In the course of just over an hour, I trudged through snow drifts, splashed with slush by on coming cars, climbed over snow banks, and slid on icy patches. It was awesome!
A couple highlights, as I was running over an over pass I almost rolled my previously injured left ankle. That would have stunk, thankfully after stretching it out for a bit the tenderness wore off. Was able to continue on with no pain.

At one point I had to go into the road because there was simply no way to stick to the sidewalk. Of course there are vehicles who do not understand the whole -- lets slow down because it is slick outside -- mentality. Nervous that they would swerve at me, I threw myself into a snowbank, also listed on the graphic above as "Dug tunnel through snowbank".

It was windy, it was slick, and it was snowy. Thankfully my feet stayed pretty dry and I was able to finish my scheduled 7 mile run. Absolutely tickled pink with my 8:51/mile pace considering the conditions. Honestly, I felt like I was going like a snail, so it was a bit of surprise when I plugged that into my computer.

A side note: I love that the nike run girl on my green chart is wearing shorts and a tank, because she would not. survive. it. in. Wisconsin. Just sayin'.

Apparently playing in the snow makes me feel like a kid again. Makes me wonder if there are winter run races with snow tunnels and required snow angel making during the course? If so, could someone send me the info because I think I may have found my new love?

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