Taper = Restless Leg Syndrome?


"But...but...but...I'm busy watching Dancing with the Stars! I don't have time to run."

During my taper time last week before my marathon my eating was off along with my sleep schedule. Early in the week my legs were restless when I was trying to sleep. I went out for a slightly longer run the next day and low and behold--I slept like a baby.

I've spent all these weeks putting in an obscene amount of mileage, and now instead of dreading those long runs, my body craved them.

It's a sad day when I would pick taking a run over going for a DQ Blizzard, but that is where I was at. And for me, ice cream solves everything.


To make it worse, now I am in recovery after the marathon. Once again my legs are begging me to go out for just a little, itty-bitty run. Last night a splurged with twenty minutes on the elliptical followed by an upper body weight workout.

At this point the only thing keeping me sane is that my race photos were posted. YES! And they are epically hilarious. I want to buy the whole set. I promise to share the hilariousness because everyone needs a good chuckle.

How do you overcome these low mileage blues?

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