There is just something about this picture

I'm working on my first full marathon recap which should be up this weekend. And oh what an update it will be, filled with wind, triumph, wind, Lambeau Field, wind, crazy awesome runners, and WIND!

But there is one picture in particular that keeps drawing me in. There is just something about it that I cannot stop looking at. Something that seems a little amiss.


Okay, so there are a few things wrong, such as my heal strike, but one thing in particular is really bothering me.

The wispy hair.


It's uncontrollable. I bought these awesome large Bondiband headbands to try and contain the hair.

But it refuses to be contained.

My hair has a mind of its own. The shining strands in the sunlight, it kind of reminds me of a head crown.


Or better yet, a really awesome superhero helmet.


Yeah, there we go. Complete with fire-shooting shoes. Nice.

This is totally how I run a marathon.

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