What do you mean there is a site that gives you playlists to match your pace?

How did I not know about the awesomeness that is




I'm going to pretend for a minute that I am cool enough to be running 8:45 min miles -- hey now, even slow mules like me can have a good day. I pop up with a list like this:


Ergo, when I am having a massive brain fart and cannot think of songs to upload to my shuffle, instead of pleading on twitter for input I can go here.

I'll still probably plead on twitter for suggestions because I have found some awesome, really angry music from you guys, and this site seems to be a little bit more upbeat. I mean come on, "Paint it Black" -- I love painting, that sounds awesome!

"Not ready to make nice" bet those Dixie Chicks are making kindness instead.

But seriously though, how come I'm always the last to know about awesome stuff like this?

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