powermix :: you gotta be

"you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger"

Des'ree knew what she was singing about. If this pulls up on my ipod -- yeah, I'm gonna sing to it. Days like today I need that kind of motivation. It was a rest day, only 30 minutes of cross-training. I pumped up my bike tires and took it for a 6.5 mile spin around town. Only stopped once to say "hi" to some friends taking their kids out for a walk.

The hard part for me is that on these light days, I do not walk into the house sweaty and gritty. My muscles are not entirely fatigued after a harsh workout. Sometimes I dread those intense sessions, but most times I crave them.

6.5 miles is not that far to bike. Sure I kept the tempo up for the half hour it took to complete, but it was not the cruel workout that leaves you feeling satisfied with its completion.

It is the kind of workout where "you gotta be wiser" and remember that my muscles need that day for recovery. At the end of the day where I am sitting back after doing some laundry, eating some left over chili--Homer Simpson drool moment--and getting ready to head to bed in anticipation for an early wake up, I need to remind myself to feel good about what I did today.

One step closer to being ready for the September half marathon. One step closer to my personal goal.

P.S. Diary, I need a better bike seat. The one I have kind of hurts my bum.

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