stream of conscious running

When I run, I run alone. All part of my lone wolf syndrome. Apart of that running is my internal dialog. A small portion of what went through my head during a quick three mile run, here it is in the unedited version...

Oh, a Robbie Williams song coming up on my iPod. Thank goodness for the British.

Why is the guy in the yellow Slug bug staring at me? Better yet, why is he driving a beetle?

Wish I was out sailing right now, they all look so pretty.

What should I have for dinner--leftover chili it is.

Poker face, she has me like nobody, something lyrics I can't remember.

Wow, I bet if that lady was going in the same direction as me, she would totally pass my rear end. Kudos to you speedy woman, I aspire to your greatness.

Did speedy woman just pick her nose?

Nah, she's too cool for that right?

Crud, only two miles in and my tummy feels like it wants to expel its contents.

Shouldn't have eaten that chicken right before I ran, but it's soooo good.

Damn you chicken. But I love you still.

Tonight I'll be visiting with the 'rents of some of my favorite kiddos.

They will have wine.

Hmmm....sounds good right now.

Wine--I'm such a wino.

Not really, but sometimes I wish I could be.

Damn you Lady Gaga with your catchy songs, thank goodness no one knows your on my iPod run mix. Just dance, baby....

Mom's friend left a pumpkin on my patio today.

What the heck am I going to do with a pumpkin?

I could make a pie -- wait, never done that before, scratch the pie.

I'm hungry now. I could eat a horse.

Okay, no. That is disgusting, there is no way I could eat a horse.

Maybe a cookie. Chocolate chip of course.

I wonder if Robbie Williams likes chocolate chip cookies?

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